‘Alison Shaw was the Mediator in a recent commercial franchise dispute which I was legal counsel for.  Alison did a very good job and I found her to be fair.  I would use her as a Mediator again for a similar type of dispute’.  G. Griffin, Griffins Lawyers, Adelaide SA

“I recently acted as a support person in a Mediation facilitated by SHAW Dispute Resolution. The process was very inclusive, respectful and ensured that everyone had a fair hearing. Our Mediator Alison ensured that there was enough time and space given for each party to consider their perspective moving forward. It was one of the best examples of mediation I ave seen and overall, it was well done”. Michele, Support person (Union Representative), Adelaide, SA

“We have referred several workplace investigations to SHAW Dispute Resolution to date with Linda as the lead investigator for most of them. We are very satisfied with the quality of work we have received which is a relief as we have engaged multiple other investigators previously that did not meet our expectations. Linda’s reports are thorough and comprehensive, highlighting the facts and how the situation became the issue that it is. Very good”. HR Manager (Government), Investigation client, Adelaide, SA

“Lara (Mediator) mediated a rather large and complex commercial matter that we were involved in and her professionalism and experience was evident. This matter was litigious and complex and I did believe it would end up in court prior to engaging SHAW DR. The parties reached an agreement and maintained a far better personal outcome regarding their ongoing relationship. The Dispute Resolution Manager (Linda) faultlessly juggled 4 parties and their legal representatives (across 3 States) to get us to the point of attending mediation. Lara is an excellent mediator and I will certainly keep her in mind for future disputes”. Ruth, Lawyer, Sydney, NSW

“It was a pleasant process. Thankyou to Francesca (Mediator) for being calm and easy to get along with. It was a much faster outcome than going to court. Our experience with SHAW Dispute Resolution was good. Going in to mediation, we felt very nervous but the administration team and the Mediator helped settle our nerves”. Dan (building dispute client), Melbourne, VIC

“We have used this service before so it was simple to contact SHAW Dispute Resolution again. The Mediator (Francesca) was a fantastic communicator and allowed all parties the opportunity to speak their concerns. Some of the issues that were resolved today would have been much larger litigious issues otherwise. I appreciate Linda for continually following up and keeping us in the loop – fantastic follow up”. Stephanie (Lawyer), Melbourne, VIC

“Mediation was well structured and delivered on obtaining an outcome. I was very comfortable with the Mediator (Peter) who did an excellent job. Mediation has assisted me with gaining a better understanding of the situation. I had a good, positive experience in resolving the workplace matter”. Graeme (workplace client – employee), Adelaide, SA

“The Investigator produced what I would consider a ‘high level’ report. We need factual investigations that are straight to the point and I feel we got that from SHAW Dispute Resolution in this instance”. HR Manager (Government), Investigation client, Adelaide, SA

“SHAW Dispute Resolution recently conducted a workplace mediation I was involved in.  Thanks to an ‘amazing team’ of professionals, SHAW made the whole process very smooth and neutral which resulted in a successful outcome.  I was consistently informed of what was happening throughout the process and the follow up was brilliant.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SHAW Dispute Resolution to anyone who has a dispute”.  F. Ball, Adelaide, SA

“I would like to personally and sincerely thank you Linda and SHAW Dispute Resolution for the investigation that you undertook on our behalf, throughout the entire process, from what I have observed, the investigation was undertaken in a very professional manner that has now enabled us to understand the ‘real’ issues. The entire process and the outcome proved to be much more than we expected, at least now we know what we are dealing with and can set about forming a strategy to fix the issues. Throughout the entire investigation you kept us informed of the process and kept to the timetable that was discussed. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I personally would not hesitate to recommend you, your services and your organisation. As we had never dealt with you or your organisation previously, we took a leap of faith in appointing you and I am so glad we made the right choice”. Anna, workplace client (not-for-profit), Adelaide, SA

“I have worked with Alison and SHAW Dispute Resolution on a umber of mediations now. Alison has an innate understanding of human emotions and her invaluable empathy for the people/parties involved enables all parties, including those with a power imbalance, to participate in the process on fair terms. The pre-mediation work that SHAW DR do is invaluable in ensuring that the mediation itself has the best chance of success. As ever, I am truly impressed by Alison’s mediation ability. I have often observed her put in considerable effort to resolve a complex and lengthy mediation. Working with Alison is always a pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending her personally or SHAW Dispute Resolution”. James, Government panel manager, Adelaide, SA

“Thank you to Ali and your team for your prompt actions in organising the mediation. I have received amazing feedback from those involved about Ali’s calming but methodical approach to ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to be heard, raise their concerns and come up with solutions.  I am confident that with Ali’s help we have put in place a plan for future success. Thanks again for helping us work through the issues and get this great outcome for all”.  Tori, People Vision (for Skycity)

“Linda was excellent when I first contacted her and listened and understood our situation in the workplace and the stressors that we were experiencing. She was very efficient in organizing our mediation session and she is a wonderful person to talk to. Peter our mediator was excellent and I felt very comfortable in our mediation process with him. We appreciated his efforts to open up communication in our team and work towards improving our working relationships”. Carolyn, Practice Manager, Adelaide, SA

“I thought a staff member had an issue with me, which caused further conflict. We ended up not communicating for quite a few weeks until the mediation. The Management Team tried to work with us to resolve it first and it didn’t work. The Director decided to use mediation because he didn’t want to lose us and SHAW Dispute Resolution was recommended”.

“Alison was very helpful and fair, she gave the chance for both parties to be heard in a neutral environment.  After one session, the issue was resolved and I was very satisfied. I like coming to work again”

I would most definitely recommend anyone facing a dispute to contact SHAW Mediation! Alison is very warm and approachable.  Thank you Alison for helping us, you have made it pleasurable to come to work again. :)”  Kori S, Express Cargo


‘Generally, debrief sessions are designed for mediators to help them in their professional development. Sessions are meant to refresh the jaded and to provide support for the novice. Through debrief sessions, mediators can examine particular cases in terms of what went well and what could have been done differently, gain greater professional development focus and also learn their care of self through supervised reflection.  SHAW Mediators also can use the opportunity to debrief on the process and service from their perspective offering true 360 degree quality assurance’.

Laurence Boulle, Accredited mediator (NMAS) and conductor of the mediator debrief service for SHAW mediators

‘The SHAW Mediation Manual ensures that there is consistency and clarity in which mediation sessions, like those by SHAW Mediation, are organised and conducted. Its contents are sound and there could be no possibility of anyone reading it and not understanding what the mediator’s role and responsibilities are. I’m certain anyone can confidently recommend SHAW Mediation to clients and practitioners knowing that such high standards are expected and applied’.

Simon Lane, Accredited mediator

‘Mediation can be a positive way to resolve cultural conflicts. It is a really fair and just way to listen to both parties to see where people are coming from and is a great bridge between people of all background and walks of life. Mediation is a much more holistic method of settling differences for people from different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives whereas the legal system doesn’t always allow for this’.

Khadija Gbla, Motivational speaker, cross-cultural trainer and consultant

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Thank you to Ali and your team for your prompt actions in organising the mediation. I have received amazing feedback from those involved about Ali’s calming but methodical approach to ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to be heard, raise their concerns and come up with solutions.  I am confident that with Ali’s help we have put in place a plan for future success. Thanks again for helping us work through the issues and get this great outcome for all.

Tori, People Vision (for Skycity)

November 2018