Did you find yourself in a dispute of some kind in 2018? For many, there are disputes from 2017 that haven’t been resolved yet. Many still have disputes that are waiting to be heard in courts. And so starting 2019 could just be another year with conflict hanging over your head. It’s the worst feeling.

By the end of the year we are generally tired and are just wanting to get through the christmas season. But this season is also the peak time for breakups and the time when feelings around ongoing disputes can be heightened, causing further emotional and mental blocks because things are unresolved. We can’t function at our full capacity when things are constantly playing on our minds.

South Australia Mediation wait times through traditional providers recently published by Michelle Black, Senior Coordinator, Family Law Pathways, are scary. Here’s how it’s looking at the moment:

The effects of Stress on your body

We recently wrote on how stress affects the body. We have a self-defence mechanism called stress to guard us against harmful elements in the world. Stress will tell us one of two things; I’ve been hurt or about to be hurt. If we hurt our brain goes into action releasing adrenaline and cortisol within minutes causing us to become more impulsive.

The longer disputes go on, we start anticipating more negative thoughts in relation to the dispute, and our brains go into overdrive with worry about an outcome that may or may not come true.

In the meantime, Adrenaline and Cortisol are produced as if you were actually in danger. The problem with cortisol is it has an optimal range therefore going above that level can have a negative effect. When stress lingers it can lead to problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, burnout and memory loss. This can also affect your sleep patterns and weaken your immune system.

The effects of stress on our bodies, is often felt for years to come.

Start 2019, resolved!

Mediation can see the dispute resolved within days, and a workable and enforceable plan put in place. SHAW Dispute Resolution have mediators available immediately. You can bypass wait times that are currently being experienced in an overloaded dispute resolution system.

Make January the time you resolve, and get your year off to the best start. Don’t let ongoing disputes take more headspace than they have to. Resolve, get your life back, and position yourself for an amazing year!

Let’s Resolve!