Disputes are inevitable. SHAW Dispute Resolution (workplace) wants you to be more informed and empowered to resolve your disputes. ADR is the right solution for anyone with a dispute – no matter how big or small. At SHAW Dispute Resolution, our clients range from individuals and families with personal disputes, community organisations, councils and boards, to companies and international corporations with multi-million dollar commercial disputes. They all have the same desire for relief and freedom of choice to resolve their disputes without Courts. They all want a quicker, more affordable form of dispute resolution in a safe environment that offers long-lasting outcomes. The SHAW Dispute Resolution processes are for everyone. We offer the choice of how you want to resolve your dispute without courts because it is the preferred way to preserving relationships where necessary and reputation, as both can get tarnished during open and lengthy court proceedings.


At SHAW Dispute Resolution, our dispute resolvers are all lawyers, psychologists or other relevant professionals with the necessary accreditation, background and experience to conduct quality dispute resolution services with consistency and the highest values, ethics and intellectual rigour. They are patient, compassionate, professional and passionate about resolving disputes. They are the mediators, arbitrators and family dispute resolution practitioners.

To enable you to resolve your disputes in a convenient, safe and supportive environment, an independent and professional dispute resolver from SHAW Dispute Resolution will facilitate the discussion and negotiation between the parties and their exchange of possible outcomes with natural justice and procedural fairness. They help you to identify mutual interests and concerns that can be agreed along the way and encourage the exploration and evaluation of possible solutions for the way forward that can achieve lasting outcomes.


At SHAW Dispute Resolution, we encourage legal advice before and during dispute resolution processes. This helps you better understand what you are entitled to and how long it could take to achieve it as well as how much litigation will cost. Lawyers have an important role to play from start to finish. They advise you about the range of potential outcomes, risks and costs of litigation and the likely timeframe to a court trial. During the dispute resolution process, they serve as a sounding board and counsel for you whenever the talks become intense. When you reach a decision, the lawyers are required to legally formalise the resolution and help you move on with the flow-on consequences from the decisions made.

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