When a complaint of workplace issues or misconduct is made, there is always a risk to the company’s productivity or even reputation. Risks and damage start to emerge.  Most employers act swiftly to address the  reported issues or misconduct directly, but do not implement post-investigation support strategies to repair fractured working relationships and help the team move forward productively and positively.

Research has suggested that training is one of the best ways to retain staff and maintain effective productivity. By having post-investigation training available, it encourages staff to think about any issues they might be facing, encourages staff to interact with each other in a safe environment, provides positive strategies to staff on how to deal with problems and keep staff engaged and empowered. Training employees reinforces their sense of value (Wingfield, 2009).

Through training, employers help employees achieve goals and ensure they have a solid understanding of their job requirements and how to behave in the workplace (Maul, 2008).    

After a complaint, investigation and/or disciplinary action, it’s common to see:

  • Confidentiality considerations stopping the employer from informing the team members with what has occurred causing confusion, frustration and damaged morale
  • Employees have either resigned, been terminated or been moved to a different role or location
  • The complainant and the person who was accused of misconduct are still expected to work together
  • Divided loyalties have emerged – some employees support the complainant and others support the respondent
  • Employees resent a manager or the employer for what they perceive to be a breakdown in values and behaviour
  • New inappropriate behaviours starting, such as gossiping, bullying or undermining the manager.

Following this kind of disruption to a team, it is essential to help the remaining staff understand what has happened, maintain confidentiality, help staff understand their own reactions to the situation, remember the employer’s expectations of them to continue in their own role, affirm the values that guide their work and work together as a team to move forward.

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At SHAW Workplace Resolutions we can tailor a preventative or reconstructive session for your team.

Some examples are:

  • Appropriate workplace conduct
  • Performance management essentials for managers
  • Mentoring and coaching for new/emerging leaders
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Managing workplace conflict
  • Grievance handling for managers and supervisors
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • Minimising conflict – responding to complaints early
  • Building effective teams and a motivated workforce culture
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Dealing with difficult staff and difficult customers
  • Drugs and alcohol in the workplace
  • Time and productivity management
  • Effective communication in the workplace – knowing your staff
  • Recognising and addressing workplace issues
  • Workplace stress management
  • Emotional resilience training for the workplace
  • Team reconciliation
  • For Managers – leading disengaged employees through difficult times
  • Managing long term illness and injured workers

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Thank you to Ali and your team for your prompt actions in organising the mediation. I have received amazing feedback from those involved about Ali’s calming but methodical approach to ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to be heard, raise their concerns and come up with solutions.  I am confident that with Ali’s help we have put in place a plan for future success. Thanks again for helping us work through the issues and get this great outcome for all.

Tori, People Vision (for Skycity)

November 2018