A study by Dr Lindsay McMillan (2016) revealed that within the next 12 months, it is likely that at least half of the working population of Australia will be either considering or actively seeking a new job. Dr McMillan’s findings highlight that the leading causes of dissatisfaction in the workplace are poor leadership, poor organisational communication and workplace incidents.

For organisations that are struggling with the culture in their workplace, the issue can seem too big to handle. Signs of a damaged workplace culture include staff conflict, employees not showing up for work, high staff turnover, lack of engagement, unmotivated staff, poor performance increased bullying and an increase in WorkCover claims.

By spending time reviewing your complaints documentation as well as spending time with your staff in their usual environment, SHAW Dispute Resolution can offer a range of interventions to improve the culture of your organisation based on 12 general principles:

1 – Organisational culture – A work environment characterised by trust, honesty and fairness.

2 – Psychological and social support – A work environment where co-workers and supervisors are supportive of employees’ psychological and mental health concerns and respond appropriately as needed.

3 – Clear leadership and expectations – A work environment where there is effective leadership and support that helps employees know what they need to do, how their work contributes to the organisation, and whether there are impending changes.

4 – Civility and respect – A work environment where employees are respectful and considerate in their interactions with one another, as well as with customers, clients and the public.

5 – Psychological competencies, requirements and protection – A work environment where there is a good fit between employees’ interpersonal and emotional competencies and the requirements of the position they hold.

6 – Growth and development – A work environment where employees receive encouragement and support in the development of their interpersonal, emotional and role-based skills.

7 – Recognition and reward – A work environment where there is appropriate acknowledgement and appreciation of employees’ efforts in a fair and timely manner.

8 – Good involvement and influence by staff – A work environment where employees are included in discussions about how their work is done and how important decisions are made.

9 – Workload management – A work environment where tasks and responsibilities can be accomplished successfully within the time available.

10 – Engagement – A work environment where employees feel connected to their work and are motivated to do their job well.

11 –  Balance – A work environment where there is recognition of the need for balance between the demands of work, family and personal life.

12 – Protection of physical safety – A work environment where management takes appropriate action to protect the physical safety of employees.

We are generally called on to:

  • Address a major dysfunction in a team
  • Review the organisational structure and implement minor re-structures
  • Review workplace culture
  • Identify risk
  • Review complaints handling procedures
  • Implement group facilitation

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‘40% of organisations have had legal proceedings commence at least once following an internal investigation,  suggesting concerns over the investigative process and  overall fairness‘

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Thank you to Ali and your team for your prompt actions in organising the mediation. I have received amazing feedback from those involved about Ali’s calming but methodical approach to ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to be heard, raise their concerns and come up with solutions.  I am confident that with Ali’s help we have put in place a plan for future success. Thanks again for helping us work through the issues and get this great outcome for all.

Tori, People Vision (for Skycity)

November 2018